These downloads include the full current releases of the SIR software. You will need a valid licence code to use the software. Temporary codes for evaluation are available free by emailing


Note: If you are upgrading from an earlier version of SIR up to and including SIR/XS revision 19, please export any existing databases using your current version of SIR before importing into SIR/XS revision 20.

Windows 9x/NT/2000/ME/XP/Vista/7/8/10/11 Download SIR/XS.01.20 [27 Mb]
After download, unzip and run SETUP.EXE

If you wish to have two (or more) versions of SIR/XS installed, this is perfectly valid, just install in different directories.

Windows 9x/NT/2000/ME/XP/Vista/7/8/10/11 Download SIR/XS.01.19 [20 Mb]
After download, unzip and run SETUP.EXE

Mac OS X (Intel) Download SIR/XS.01.12 [18Mb]
[Installation instructions]

Linux FedoraCore (Redhat) Download SIR/XS.01.12 [11Mb]
[Installation instructions]

Solaris (Risc) Download SIR/XS.01.12 [9Mb]
[Installation instructions]

Solaris10 (Intel) Download SIR/XS.01.12 [9Mb]
[Installation instructions]

IBM AIX 6.1+ Download SIR/XS.01.12 [17Mb]
[Installation instructions]

HP/UX 11.23 (Risc)Download SIR/XS.01.12 [22Mb]
[Installation instructions]

A bit of history

The previous version of SIR - SIR2002 is still supported but is no longer developed. If you need a version of SIR2002, please contact us

Windows software for other installations

(If you have the Windows version of SIR/XS, these are included.)

You can download the documentation in HTML if you need it.
Download SIR/XS documentation

If you have SIR/XS on a non-Windows platform, you can allow ODBC access to the SIR SQL Server which can be running on any platform accessable via TCP/IP.
Download the Windows ODBC Driver..

SIR/Graph is a Windows only component which can be used to view graphs created by SIR/XS on other platforms.
Download SIR Graph

Program examples and utilities

Training Application 53Kb
Small PQL program rebuilds existing database secondary indexes 1Kb

On a lighter note...
A VisualPQL POLYNOMINO displaying application by Dave Doulton 3Kb
A VisualPQL card game 37Kb

SIR Database Software