Who we are

SIR is a software company based in Sydney, Australia and SIR software is used around the globe. We currently have customers in many countries including the United States, Canada, U.K., Ireland, Germany, the Netherlands, Greenland, Italy and, of course, Australia.

SIR/XS is used by our customers to develop applications. Typically these are studies in one area or another such as human health, social studies, environmental studies, etc. Example include analysing traffic accident occurrences or monitoring the efficacy of cardiology procedures,

When you license the software from us, you get the whole package, there are no extra charges or additional costs.. Included in that package is full maintenance for as long as you licence the software. That means you never have to pay an upgrade fee for a new version.

We also give you unlimited email support. If you have any problems using the software, we will work with you to resolve them no matter how trivial or complicated that problem might be. There are no charges for this support. However if you need actual work done to develop your applications, then contact us and we will either give you a quote or perhaps recommend a consultant.

A bit of history

SIR software has a long history originating in the late 1970s from work done at North Western University in Chicago, Illinois. It was acquired by the current developers in the late 1980s and has evolved through numerous versions since then. One feature that has remained key is the ability to move SIR applications between platforms quickly and easily.

Over that long history, various users have written papers on their use of SIR and the following is a short selection:

Advice on general procedures

User review of SIR/XS (Powerpoint)

Converting to SIR/XS (Powerpoint)

A Database Assembly Line (Powerpoint)

Using many versions of SIR (Powerpoint)

Processing Journals (Powerpoint)

Article on SIR applications - Babies at Risk in New York

If you have a particular area or application you are interested in, please contact us to discus it.

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