SIR Pty Ltd develops and supports the SIR Relational Database Management and Application Development System which is aimed primarily at research and scientific applications.

SIR offers users a number of key benefits. SIR can be used for small, single researcher studies up to databases holding details of millions of individuals.

SIR databases are simple to design and easy to maintain. Applications can take advantage of the built-in tools for simple updates and reports or can use the stength of a full programming language for complete control of the application design and logic.

SIR has always been available on a variety of hardware/software platforms and offers simple export/import process to move complete applications between platforms.

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The latest commercial release, SIR/XS, includes full relational and hierarchical database structures, query language, reporting language, interactive and batch data entry facilities, 4GL, analytical procedures and graphical application development utilities.

This release is available for download on for Windows, Solaris, Mac OS X (Intel), IBM AIX and various Linux platforms.


If you are interested, you are very welcome to download the software for an obligation free trial period.

SIR/XS New Features

If you are a current SIR2000/2002 user thinking about updating versions, this is more detailed list of new features in SIR/XS.

SIR/XS Revisions

If you are a current SIR/XS user thinking about updating revisions, this is a list of changes in SIR/XS revisions.

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